Mishimoto E36 (6 Cylinder) Silicone Radiator Hose Kit 1991-1995


Mishimoto BMW radiator hose kits are made with a dual layer combining high grade silicone and heat-resistant embedded fibers to provide efficient heat reduction and increased pressure tolerance, all with an OEM replacement fit! Perfect for your BMW E36.

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1998-1999 BMW 323i 2.5L 250,

1998-1999 BMW 323i 2.5L 4L30-E,

1999 BMW 323i 2.5L 5L40-E,

1998-1999 BMW 323is 2.5L 250,

1998-1999 BMW 323is 2.5L 4L30-E,

1992-1993 BMW 325i 2.5L 4HP-22,

1994-1995 BMW 325i 2.5L 4L30-E,

1992-1995 BMW 325i 2.5L S5D250G,

1992-1995 BMW 325is 2.5L 250, 1992-1995

BMW 325is 2.5L 4L30-E,

1996-1999 BMW 328i 2.8L 4L30-E,

1999 BMW 328i 2.8L 5L40-E,

1996-1999 BMW 328i 2.8L S5D310Z,

1996-1999 BMW 328is 2.8L 4L30-E,

1996-1999 BMW 328is 2.8L S5D310Z,

1995 BMW M3 3.0L 5HP-18,

1995 BMW M3 3.0L S5D320Z,

1996-1999 BMW M3 3.2L 5HP-18,

1996-1999 BMW M3 3.2L S5D320Z,

1999-2000 BMW Z3 2.5L 4L30-E,

2001-2002 BMW Z3 2.5L 5L40-E,

1999-2002 BMW Z3 2.5L S5D250G,

1999-2002 BMW Z3 2.5L S5D320Z,

1997-2000 BMW Z3 2.8L 4L30-E,

1997-2000 BMW Z3 2.8L S5D250G,

1999-2000 BMW Z3 2.8L S5D320Z,

2001-2002 BMW Z3 3.0L 5L40-E,

2001-2002 BMW Z3 3.0L S5D250G,

2001-2002 BMW Z3 3.0L S5D320Z,

1998-2002 BMW Z3 3.2L S5D320Z,

1998-2002 BMW Z3 3.2L S5D320Z

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 55.88 × 27.94 × 7.62 cm

Black, Blue