Miller Oils Racing Brake Fluid 300+ 500ml Bottle


Extra high boiling point brake fluid exceeding the requirements of SAE J1703, SAE J1704 and FMVSS 116 DOT 4 for use in high performance and competition braking systems.

Use as received for racing braking systems where a non-mineral fluid is required and high braking temperatures are experienced.

Extended performance DOT 4+ formulation suitable for high performance road cars, track day and competition use. USER BENEFITS: • Enhanced high temperature performance over DOT 4 fluids.

• Racing Brake Fluid 300 Plus has a dry boiling point of above 300°C in comparison to the 230°C required for standard DOT 4 fluids. It has the capability to perform at the high braking temperatures found under arduous racing conditions.

• Robust against water absorption, improving resistance to vapour lock.

• Mutually compatible with all fluids meeting the same specifications

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• Equilibrium Reflux Boiling Point … Above 300°C (310°C typical)

• Wet Equilibrium Boiling Point … Above 194°C

• FMVSS 116 … DOT 4+