Castle Combe track day. 16/10/2018


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Ergen Motorsport and Raw Motorsport host another track day event, Limited to 30 cars with 9 cars allowed on Track at the same time.

Location: Castle Combe Circuit


Open Pit lane 9am-5pm

Briefing at 0830

Noise testing from 0800



£175 per car

£20 per additional driver

£10 per passenger

£30 ARDS tuition sessions

Prices include VAT.

For more information please email us:

Noise limit: STRICT100db(A), which is measured at ½ metre from the exhaust outlet at 4500rpm


Do you have to have a full driving licence to take part?
Yes and it must be a current licence.

Is there an age limit?
No, as long as you have a full licence, we previously had a lady who was over 80 years old take the course, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Passengers must also be over 16 years of age

Is it safe?
Yes. There will be a safety briefing and the Instructor will be with you in the saloon car, whilst you are driving and personal insurance is included.

Do I need to bring my own crash helmet/overalls etc or do you supply them?
We do have crash helmets that can be used, but if you have your own, then feel free to bring it along. We ask for you to have your arms and legs fully covered as we don’t provide overalls. If you do come on a hot day, you can always buy a sweatshirt from the Racing School regalia range.

Do you go ahead if it is raining?
Yes, but obviously we will keep an eye on the weather and if it gets worse then we will rethink, but if you are not contacted you must turn up on the day. If we do need to cancel, then another date can be arranged.

Can we bring spectators?
Yes, not a problem. Tavern Clubhouse is open for refreshments and food.

Is there anything for children/spectators to do?
There are plenty of viewing areas for the circuit with a lovely walk all the way around the circuit.

Is there anywhere undercover in case of bad weather?
Yes. Tavern Clubhouse will be open and the rooftop of the Strawford Centre is usually covered.

Are you allowed to race against each other?
No, it is not something we encourage and this will be explained in the safety briefing.

Is timing permitted?
No, timing is strictly prohibited at all Castle Combe Circuit Track Days.