BMW S54 Oem Management Plug N Play kit


Plug n Play ECU solution for your BMW Engine conversion or Race Car. Our Plug n Play kits are simple as 1, 2, 3

1. Plug in all the factory sockets and the engine loom, Batt + and earth
2. Connect ECU and FlyByWire Throttle
3. Turn Key

It’s really that easy! Forget about trawling through wiring diagrams, working out what goes where. Leave those headaches behind and enjoy a fuss free turnkey solution.

This kit combines our Custom Sub-loom along with a modified stock ecu (customer to supply ecu) . By disabling the complexities of the E46 M3 ecu we are able to have your S54 running completely standalone in any chassis. Please provide full details of the donor car along with detais of the car the engine will be fitted to so as we can make your loom as easy to fit as possible.

With benefits like OEM diagnostics and mapping staying in tact, your S54 conversion is reliable and DIY friendly!

Power upgrades and AlphaN tunes are also available! Please get in touch.

The S54 SMG ECU has additional mapping available. Customers interested in this service must contact us before proceeding with their purchase.

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